Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yaquina Wheels Bicycle Club Century Ride - 2011

Yaquina Wheels Bicycle Club is again sponsoring on August 20, 2011 it's renowned Century Ride - purportedly the best in Oregon.  There are 3 options for this ride: 25, 72 and 100 miles.  The full century ride starts at the Yaquina Head Lighthouse Visitor's Center overlooking the Pacific Ocean, travels inland along Yaquina Bay, then through the towns of Toledo and Siletz, out to Moonshine Park, then back along the Siletz River to the ocean just south of Lincoln City; you will then travel south along the ocean, including the beautiful Otter Crest Loop to Newport and the Lighthouse.  When finished get in your car (or ride your bike) to Bike Newport where food and libations await you.  The shorter rides follow some of the same route - all start at the Lighthouse and go along Yaquina Bay Road.  For more information and to register:

Friday, June 24, 2011

2004 30ft Keystone Fifth Wheel for Sale

We are selling the 5th Wheel we used last year as a sag vehicle for our bike trip.  It's been well maintained, has a new A/C, very SPACIOUS with a 13ft slideout in living/dining area.  If you're interested contact me at

Friday, November 19, 2010


I don't know what else to say. Woke up in VanHorn Texas as the sun was just coming up--what a beautiful place surrounded by mountains.
Headed up into the Guadalupe Mountains (wonderful-I intend to ride them one day) to the Carlsbad Caverns. As the guide says--maybe not the biggest or longest cave in the world--just the most beautiful. Absolutely jaw dropping from end to end and we were able to enjoy it with no crowds--you only saw a few people in 2.5 hours of hiking in the cave.
Drove in to Mayhill, NM up at around 7,000 feet. Arrived to 8 deers in our camp--they stayed all evening and after about 40 minutes 22 wild turkeys also arrived to entertain us-the cats were in heaven.
Next morning drove over the pass at 9,000 feet and continued our drive to Tucson. Stopped at the White Sands National Monument--wonderful miles of gypsum sand-took a hike thru the dunes and then spent the rest of the day trying to get gypsum out of the motor home.
Arriving in Tucson on saturday and stay with our friends the Bodines' for a few days before heading back to Yuma in time for Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


After crossing a southern state in less than a day we reached Texas where we have now been for 10 days. Stayed 8 days in Fort Worth visiting my grandson Sam. Then we headed West.

The theme of the trip west is "C's". You ask what? Central/West Texas is filled with "C" things:
Cactus, Crude (oil), Cotton, Critters-(prarie dogs again and giant Texas sized ones), Coyotes--if I see more "C" things I will let you know.

Stayed one night in San Angelo which is a beautiful small city with lots of lakes and desert/prarie like terrain.
Now we are in Van Horn heading in the morning up to Carlsbad Caverns.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Riding on the Oregon Coast

I've been home a week and have managed to do a couple of casual rides.  On Wednesday I rode with my women's group (the BOBs - Babes on Bikes) and managed to get in a beautiful 23 miles on what was the warmest November day in Oregon's history.

Today the sun was shining this morning but with predictions of rain.  I almost didn't wear my rain gear but am glad I did!  About halfway into the ride (yes, that means I was about as far from my car as I could be) it started showering.  It only lasted about 20 minutes but I got wetter in that 20 minutes than I did the entire ride across the USA (I only got drizzled on for about 45 minutes on our last day into Yorktown, VA); and the rain today was truly only a shower!  We were so VERY lucky on our trip!  Today's ride was only a little over 15 miles (I cut it short as I saw a very dark cloud heading my way), but it felt good to have a relaxing ride.


Well traveling quickly now to get to Fort Worth to see grandson Sam. Went to Plains, GA home of President Carter. A tiny dying town--one of the things we saw all across America--that unless a town was of a certain size they were all dying. Had breakfast at a wonderful local diner and bought some fried peanuts--I have never had peanuts this good in my entire life--saw the Carters home and headed out.
Made it to the middle of Alabama where we stayed at another Corp of Engineers campground. As usual beautiful on a massive lake.
Next day headed on to Vicksburg, Mississippi. The entire town is a living museum to the Civil War battlefield. Fun fact--since the city surrendered on July 4th they never again celebrated the 4th of July until after WWII. Stayed at a beautiful RV park connected to a Casino on the Mississippi which is very broad here--wonderful dinner and free breakfast.
Still moving on--the south is wonderful--everyone is so much kinder than even in the west--they are not Yankees down here.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


On the long drive home there is a lot of time to reflect on the lessons of life you learn after days and hours on a bike--here they are as best I can do:

1. DON'T WORRY IT WILL CHANGE. If you don't like the direction of the wind, road surface, terrain--don't worry it will change--maybe for the better or for the worse--but--it will change.

2. DON'T JUDGE A CLIMB BY ITS ELEVATION--OR A PERSON BY THEIR OUTWARD APPEARANCE. The easiest climb we had was the 2nd tallest and the hardest climbs were in the Ozarks with only a couple of hundred feet. Well the same goes for the people--you just can not tell their character by outward appearance.

3. YOU WILL GET THERE WHEN YOU GET THERE You can not hurry up the process--you will arrive once you arrive--you might as well enjoy the journey.

4. THE WIND IS NOT ALWAYS IN YOUR FACE. Everyone notices when times are tough and the wind is in your face--but we seem to take for granted when the wind is at our back--we attribute that to our fitness--when in reality the wind is really pushing us along. Maybe we should pay more attention and be thankful for the breeze at our backs more--and worry less about the wind in our face (see #1 & 3 above).

5. HAVING SOMEONE TO RIDE BEHIND IN THE WIND IS REALLY GOOD. As in life when times are tough--having someone to pull you through is as good as it gets.

6. RIDING UPHILL IS SOMETIMES BEST WITH A COMPANION AND SOMETIMES BEST ALONE. How can it be both?? Well that depends on the companion. If you are both evenly matched then you draw strength from each other and you seem to push each other up the hill--if not then the weaker person will struggle more--as in life.

7. CATS MAKE REALLY GOOD ALARM CLOCKS. They are up with the sun--cause they do not want to miss any of the day--so why should we?

8. DON'T BE A YANKEE. In South Carolina where they take being from the south very seriously if someone if rude or inconsiderate they simply say--"well they must be a Yankee". Nuff said.

9. LIFE IS BEST IN SLOW MOTION. Watching every plant go by--talking to every cow along the side of the road is truly wonderful. Why be in a hurry to have life pass you by--time is short you might as well enjoy it and slow it down. Believe me 6 hours on a bike are much longer than 6 hours in a car--and way better.

If you have not been there to see what I mean--do it. You will get this--and understand "Be still and know that I am God".